Chopper 2

A graphically stunning side scrolling action game



Chopper 2 is a side scrolling helicopter game in which you have to battle your way through 36 varied missions. The graphics are the most immediately noticeable aspect of the game, with the striking 3D visuals helping to add to the atmosphere.

Whether you are protecting a convoy of vehicles or destroying enemies, Chopper 2 is an engrossing game with a punchy soundtrack.

Game controls are enhanced through support for the gyroscope found in certain devices, and OpenFeint leaderboard couple with unlockable achievements mean that there is always something new to aim for.

A very interesting feature of the game becomes available if you own both an iPad as an iPhone. Your iPhone can be used as a wireless controller to take control of the game on your iPad - which can in turn be connected to your television, creating a miniature games console.

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A fast paced action game with great replay value and stunning visuals.

Specification: Chopper 2:

Trial Software
Magic Jungle Software
Date Added:
August 15, 2010

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