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eBay users around the world have become used to making payments through PayPal, making it possible to send money all over the globe without the need to wait for cheques to arrive or money transfers to complete. But PayPal is also an accepted form of payment on a large number of retail web sites and this handy iPhone app makes it possible to not only keep an eye on your account balance from your phone, but also make and receive payments.

The app has a simple, clean interface which makes it easy to navigate through the various options that are available. Just by entering an email address, you can send money to someone else, or send a request to money to them if payment if required for goods or services.

The PayPal app maintains a history of account usage so you can check incoming and outgoings as well as withdrawing money from your PayPal account into a bank account. A particular handy feature is Bump Phones. This enables two people with the PayPal app installed to knock their two iPhones together to make an instant payment.

With the ability to set reminders for payments, split large bills between multiple PayPal users and send out multiple requests for payment in one fell swoop, this is a genuinely useful tool for anyone who makes use of PayPal to send or receive money.

What's New in Version 7.4.0?

- New! Set your preferred way to pay online. Go to your Profile to get started.

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A quick and easy way to check your PayPal balance from your phone with the added benefits of being able to send and receive money wherever you are.

Specification: PayPal for iOS 7.4.0:

PayPal Inc
Date Added:
February 2, 2019

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