Quickly convert various disc images formats into ISO files



Image files are generally an easy way to distribute CDs and DVDs online, but unfortunately there are many different image formats and occasionally you may run into one that your disc burning software doesn't support. And that's where ISOBuddy comes in.

The program understands all the main image formats, and quite a few of the minor ones, and will quickly convert them to ISO files (probably the most widely supported format of all). So if you install the program then you'll be prepared to handle images files from Roxio (gi), Nero (nrg), Padus Discjuggler (cdi), Alcohol 120% (mdf), IMG (img), Blindwrite (b5i, b6i), Macs (dmg), Pinnacle Instant CD/DVD (pdi), CDRWin (bin) and CloneCD (ccd).

The conversion process is generally quick and easy. Click Open, choose the image; click Save As, provide an output name and that'll probably be enough. Although if the input image contains multiple sessions then ISOBuddy is smart enough to ask you which one you'd like to convert.

And if you still can't burn even the converted ISO file to disc, or just don't want to fire up a full disc burning package for such a simple task, then relax - ISOBuddy can handle this for you, as well. A Burn option will burn the specified ISO file to disc in just a few minutes.

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ISOBuddy is an easy-to-use disc image conversion utility that could save you a great deal of hassle

Specification: ISOBuddy

Windows 7 (32 bit)
Pixbyte Development SL
Date Added:
October 23, 2011

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