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UltraEdit is a very powerful programmer's editor. Supremely customisable, it comes with multiple prebuilt Environments that allow you to set up the program just as you'd like.

Switch to Web Developer, for instance, and you'll get syntax highlighting and other assistance when developing in PHP, HTML, ASP, JavaScript, Perl, XML and more. It's possible to manage files within projects, render HTML page views, and save your documents to an FTP server when you're done.

The Programmer/ Developer environment adds syntax highlighting for more than 20 languages, while code folding helps to ensure that even the most complex documents remain readable. A dockable function manager assists with navigation, and the XML Manager provides a tree-style view of XML-based documents.

Other environments include Notepad Replacement, which can open files greater than 4GB in size; System Administrator supports FTP/ SFTP, and Telnet/ SSH access; Technical Writer adds column mode editing; and Compare Files quickly locates and highlights the differences between the documents you specify.

If there's no one environment to suit your needs, then it's easy to create one that does. And all environments benefit from a host of high-end editing features, including Unicode support, multiline search and replace, a 100,000 word spell checker, web search toolbar, integrated encryption/ decryption, and a scripting language to automate common tasks.

Version 25 brings (changelog):

Markdown support

Preview Markdown files (via Coding » Live preview or Browser view)
Preview is compatible with GitHub Flavored Markdown (GFM)
Select different styles for Markdown rendering (or add your own)
Special Markdown syntax highlighting (with new MARKDOWN_LANG) language marker
Support for embedded HTML highlighting

Live HTML preview

Split window with code view and browser view
Code changes (saved and unsaved) are automatically updated in browser view
Position sync: Double-click on element in preview to jump to its location in source
Configure under Advanced » Settings » Editor » XML / HTML / Markdown
Updated HTML rendering component to support modern HTML / CSS / JS
Added support for copying (via Ctrl + C) selected text

Save state

Close UltraEdit without being prompted to save anything, then pick up where you left off – unsaved changes are restored
Works for local, network, FTP, and even unsaved "Edit" files
Prefer prompts to save? Disable this feature under Advanced » Settings » File handling » Session options

Close unsaved Edit files with no prompt to save

This optional feature can be set under Advanced » Settings » File handling » Session options

Improved file tab handling on startup
Changed default temporary file location
Many fixes and internal improvements

- Better folder pickers for Find in Files, projects, etc.
- Much more responsive XML / JSON manager trees, especially with large structures and data
- Greatly improved performance for files opened from slow network or VPN
- Other minor fixes, improvements, and enhancements

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UltraEdit is an exceptional editor, packed with essential features yet still surprisingly compact

Specification: UltraEdit

Windows XP,Windows Vista (32 bit),Windows 7 (32 bit),Windows Vista (64 bit),Windows 7 (64 bit),Windows 8,windows 10
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IDM Computer Solutions, Inc.
Date Added:
October 4, 2018

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