Freeway 5.6.4 Express

A professional level web editor which remains easy to use



When designing a web site, it is important to choose to work with software that will enable you to achieve the results you are looking for, but at the same time matches your level of ability. Opt for something too basic and you'll find that your creativity is limited; choose something too complicated and you may not be able to produce anything at all.

Freeway aims to strike a balance between ease of use and capabilities. The application allows for the creation of stunning web sites without the need to know a single line of HTML, CSS or any other web language. There are a wide range of templates to choose from and creating a site can be as simple as dragging page elements into place.

Sites created in Freeway can be extended through the use of plugins. Freeway Actions are hugely versatile plugins that can be used to run server-side applications, JavaScript effects and much more. All of the Actions that are available are compatible with Freeway Pro, and many are also compatible with Freeway Express.

Freeway includes a range of new features from previous versions, including gallery and slideshow creation, improved FTP support and easy creation of a site search tool. Freeway Express is a cut down version of Freeway Pro, but it is still an impressive tool that is well worth a look.

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Powerful and extendable, Freeway provides everything you need to create a personal or business web site.

Specification: Freeway 5.6.4 Express:

Mac OS X
Trial Software
Date Added:
May 1, 2012

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