CSSEdit 2.6.1

Create and manage powerful style sheets with this CSS editor



Cascading style sheets provide a great way o produce fast loading, feature-rich web sites that are easy to update and maintain. But the process of creating style sheets, particularly from scratch, can be complicated. This is something CSSEdit aims to change.

Unlike other web design tools, CSSEdit has been designed specifically for working with style sheets, and nothing else. Suitable for beginners and more advanced users alike, the program provides a live preview so you can see the effect the changes you make to style sheets will have one your site.

To help with inspiration, CSSEdit integrates with your web browser so you can quickly analyse a web site ad see how a particular effect was achieved with CSS - you can even extract style sheet from the web sites you like.

The visual editing and code colouring offered by CSSEdit, coupled with code filtering, code snippets categorisation and a plain English Selector Builder to help with the construction of page elements, this is a truly impressive tool.

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CSSEdit is a powerful CSS editor, but one that grows with your knowledge helping you to create stunning web sites.

Specification: CSSEdit 2.6.1:

Mac OS X
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June 13, 2010

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