Harmonious 1.3

A surprisingly advanced drawing tool for iPhone and iPad



While there are a number of apps available for the iPhone and iPad that can be used to create quick doodles, and numerous others that can be used to edit photos, there are few drawing tools in the traditional sense. This is something Harmonious aims to change.

The app aims to mimic real world materials, and there are eleven resizable brushes to choose from. Your screen is treated like a sketchpad, so while it is possible to erase mistakes, a sligbht trace will still be visible.

The app toolbar can be hidden to ensure that you have the greatest working area available to you, and there is an eyedropper tool that can be used to quickly reselect a colour to use without having to reconfigure your brush. Your drawings can be saved to your photo library or shared with others by uploading them to the Harmonious web site.

The creations you produce in the app can be saved and returned to at a later time, and as well as starting from scratch, you also have the option of choosing a photo from your photo library and using it as a background or basis for something new.

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Harmonious is an impressive drawing tool, although slightly restricted by the hardware it is designed for.

Specification: Harmonious 1.3:

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July 20, 2010

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