Font Book for iPad 2.0

Preview and install fonts on your iPad



Windows and OS X users are able to easily install and preview fonts using the utilities built in to the operating systems. Font Book brings the same options to the iPad, making it possible to try out a number of creative ideas and try out different fonts.

Font Book enables users to install both TTF and OFT fonts into apps using iTunes Files Sharing, and fonts attached to emails or available through apps such as DropBox can also be opened.

The app provides a quick and easy way to preview all of the fonts you have installed on your iPad and provides the option of changing the preview text to suit your preference. As well as adjusting the preview text, you can also change the size of the preview.

Font book also provides access to a great deal of information about individual fonts, so you can check version numbers and copyright details with ease.

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Font Book is an ideal app for the curious, but it offers questionable value for money.

Specification: Font Book for iPad 2.0:

Trial Software
Date Added:
September 21, 2010

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