Artweaver Free 6.0.11

Get creative with this impressive paint tool which boasts support for Photoshop files



When choosing a graphics package it is important to select the right tool for the job. Opt for too basic a program and you may find that you do not have access to all of the tools you need, while opting for a program which is more advanced can mean a steep learning curve and great expense. Artweaver positions itself neatly between the two, being both powerful and instantly accessible for users of all levels of ability.

Full support for layers and a wide variety of brushes, along with a range of effects filters, means that Artweaver provides you with everything you need to get started on creative ventures. Brushes are highly configurable so they can be tailored to very specific tasks while support for transparency and the Photoshop PSD format means that it is not only possible to generate very impressive results, it is also possible to work with files that have been created in other programs.

A graphics tablet can be used with Artweaver to allow for greater control over the tools provided, and completed projects can be saved in a variety of popular formats. Upgrading to the paid for Plus version of the program adds support for Photoshop plugins, and the saving and playback of onscreen events - this can be used to demonstrate techniques to others. With the Artweaver Plus, large documents can be created and a great degree of control over brushes is available.

Version 6.0.11 changes (full changelog):

- Removed email notification from error report upload as it is no longer supported
- Improved palette drag & drop
- Improved stability
- Fixed wrong name after restoring default brush variant

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Free yet powerful, Artweaver is an accessible piece of software that makes it easy to get creative

Specification: Artweaver Free 6.0.11:

Windows XP,Windows Vista (32 bit),Windows 7 (32 bit),Windows Vista (64 bit),Windows 7 (64 bit),Windows 8,windows 10
Boris Eyrich Software
Date Added:
April 8, 2019

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