Ultimate Boot CD 5.3.5

With 100 diagnostic and repair boot apps, everything you need to deal with a reluctant computer



Most computers do not have floppy drives these days, but there are still lots of diagnostic and rescue tools supplied in floppy disk format. For example, hard drive manufacturers have diagnostic programs that you need to run and mail them the output before you return a faulty drive. While some of these are also available as CD or USB stick images, not all are and you still end up with a collection of odd tools on different media.

The Ultimate Boot CD contains well over 100 floppy disk images, tied together with a boot menu so you can run any of them from the same CD. The collection is wide ranging and includes CPU and RAM testing tools, hardware identification, system information, benchmarks, BIOS tools, hard disk diagnostics and management software, hard disk erasure and cloning programs, partitioners, boot managers, file and filesystem tools, network tools and various Linux and DOS boot disks.

Placing them all on one CD means not only can almost any computer boot from them, but they are all in the same place. The CD also includes a program to make a copy of itself on a USB stick, so you can even use it on computers without CD drives, like netbooks.

These are all boot disks, they are totally independent of the operating system installed on the computer, and they contain tools for all operating systems.

Version 5.3.5 changes (Version History):

- Both ASTRA and INTELPIU within DOSAPPS/FDUBCD were not updated as they should be. Both apps have been properly updated in this release.
- Updated Intel Processor Identification Utility to V5.10. Thanks to ady for the update.
- Added Partition Explorer V1.01. Thanks to ady for the suggestion.
- Updated Partition Saving to V4.20. Thanks to ady for the update.
- Updated ASTRA to V6.30. Thanks to ady for the update.
- Added syslinux64 for execution on x64 Linux kernels. Updated "ubcd/tools/linux/ubcd2usb/readme.txt" to clarify/fix errors based on user feedback.
- To increase capacity (so that Partition Explorer can be accommodated), FDUBCD is now based on the 50MB image file located at http://bootcd.narod.ru/images.htm. Also a new build process is now used to ensure the image is always rebuilt from scratch, which minimizes mismatches and errors.

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An excellent collection, both comprehensive and convenient.

Specification: Ultimate Boot CD 5.3.5:

Windows XP,Windows Vista (32 bit),Windows 7 (32 bit),Windows Vista (64 bit),Windows 7 (64 bit),Windows 8,Windows Server,Mac OS X,Linux
Open Source
Ultimate Boot CD
Date Added:
May 25, 2015

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