CloneApp 2.04.255

Easily backup and restore Windows and application settings.



CloneApp is a free portable tool which can back up and restore application settings. This could be very convenient if you're reinstalling or migrating your system, as you can easily restore your application's configuration.

Run the program as an administrator, and a list of supported applications appear on the left. There are approaching 150, including plenty of big names: 7-Zip, Photoshop, Adobe Reader, Avast Free Antivirus, BlueStacks, Classic Shell, Gimp, Google Chrome, Google Earth, IrfanView, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office 2010/ 2013, VLC Media Player, and a pile of Windows settings (Favorites, Contacts, Network folder settings, Start Menu and more).

The idea is that you select the applications you'd like to back up (or click "Select Installed" to run a full backup), then click "Start CloneApp" and watch as the files, folders and Registry keys are backed up.

By default the data is saved to a CloneApp folder. If you're saving the data as a backup then you may want to change that - click Options for the relevant setting.

You'll quickly figure out how to restore your settings (select the target applications and click Restore).

If you like the idea, CloneApp can be extended with "plug-ins", plain text files which define exactly which files, folders and Registry keys the program should preserve.

Version 2.04.255 brings (ChangeLog):

- Optimized Apps Restore function (added more efficient function to create directories with multiple new parent directories in the specified path)
- Function for wildcard support in "BackupFolder" command is again enabled. Format "Folder*", e.g. BackupFolder=Version2018.*|Version2018 (supports wildcards). It supports also phrases in format "*Folder*, e.g. BackupFolder=*Version*|Version and also files.
- Optimized "BackupFile" command (Added support for all file types with same filename, e.g. BackupFile=Config.* (This could be a .TXT, .INI  etc. file). All file types would be backed up.
- Revised Theme customizations from rgb color to hex colors (in format "12BAFE"). THE CURRENT THEME FILES ARE NOT COMPATIBLE WITH THIS VERSION OF CLONEAPP. PLEASE DELETE THE THEME.INI IN DATA FOLDER OF CLONEAPP OR DISABLE THE THEME. Updated Versions of the Theme files will be released shortly.
- Optimized internal Plug-in $AppEditor$
- Optimized Creation of Personal Apps folder
- Optimized support for AdwCleaner, GIMP, Dropbox
- Improved UI controls of settings window
- Updated Documentation
- Minor bug fixes

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CloneApp is a smart and simple backup tool which could save you a lot of time when migrating your software or reinstalling Windows.

Specification: CloneApp 2.04.255:

Windows XP,Windows Vista (32 bit),Windows 7 (32 bit),Windows Vista (64 bit),Windows 7 (64 bit),Windows 8,Windows Server,windows 10
Date Added:
October 8, 2018

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