BootIt Bare Metal 1.46

A very complete bootable hard drive management tool



BootIt Bare Metal is a comprehensive hard drive manager which can create and resize partitions, control the boot process (including by editing the Windows BCD file), and create and restore compressed backups of your partitions.

The program should run just about anywhere, as it's compatible with all versions of Windows from 95 upwards (including 64-bit versions), supports MBR, EMBR and GPT type partitioning, directly supports PATA/SATA (AHCI) drives, can handle drives beyond 16 exabytes in size, and more.

But there's a complication. The program doesn't run under Windows; rather, you have to boot it separately, either from a CD/ DVD or USB flash drive, or by installing it to a separate partition on your hard drive. This is relatively straightforward and there's a lengthy PDF manual which explains every step of this process, but of course it does make it rather less convenient to use features like the imaging tools.

Still, having a bootable copy of the program on your hard drive does make disaster recovery much more straightforward, as you can just launch BootIt Bare Metal and (for instance) edit the BCD file to resolve any boot issues.

Make sure you read the manual before you get started, though, in particular the "Before you begin" and "New user" sections. They have plenty of useful information to help you understand the program's capabilities and ensure that you set it up safely.

Version 1.46 (changelog):

- Fixed regression on NTFS that could cause crash and enhanced to support previously unsupported condition.
- New release for updated TBOSDT and IFD 3.16.
- Fixed regression in BCDEdit which odd length numeric input would calculate wrong (e.g. 0x1 input resulted with 0x11) 
- Other potential changes, updates and enhancements.

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An extremely powerful partition and boot management tool which should run on just about any PC

Specification: BootIt Bare Metal 1.46:

Windows XP,Windows Vista (32 bit),Windows 7 (32 bit),Windows Vista (64 bit),Windows 7 (64 bit),Windows 8,Windows Server,windows 10
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Date Added:
January 12, 2018