Backup4all Standard v4.9.291

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Backing up data is an essential part of routine computer maintenance, and to help make the process as quick and painless and possible, it is important to choose the right tool. Backup4all is a backup tool available in a number of versions which can help to safeguard your data.

The Lite edition of the program includes everything you need to get started with backing up including a filtering option that can be used to select files by attribute, name, size and other factors. If you prefer to backup different types of data individual rather than storing everything together, this can be achieved by creating multiple backup jobs. A number of predefined backup jobs exist to make it easier to backup data stored in common locations such as the My Documents folder.

Backups can be run from the command line or via a familiar Windows interface, and Backup4all can be used in conjunction with Windows' task scheduler so there is no need to manually create new backups.

Moving on to the Standard edition brings a number of additional features including the creation of differential backups. This helps to speed things up by only backing up files that have changed since the last backup was created. Backups can be compressed to help reduce the amount of storage space that is required, and the Backup On Demand feature can be used to automatically create backup when a button is pressed on an external USB drive. An internal scheduler can be used to automate backups.

Completing the set is Backup4all Professional which allows for the creation of full, incremental and differential backups and includes the option to backup data to FTP servers. Up to 256-bit AES encryption protects sensitive data and built in support for CD, DVD, Blu-Ray and HD-DVD burning allows for the use of a variety of removable media for backup purposes.

Backup4All 4.9 brings these new features:

New: Added TLS, a new encryption type for sending emails
New: Use environment variables in email notifications (title and message)
New: Default email notification title was updated
Fix: Missing .png file warning when backing up the program configurations
Fix: Missing empty file name when restoring Backup4all configurations on 32bit OS

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Proving that backing up data need not be difficult or arduous, Backup4all makes it very simple to safeguard your valuable data.

Specification: Backup4all Standard v4.9.291:

Windows XP,Windows Vista (32 bit),Windows 7 (32 bit),Windows Vista (64 bit),Windows 7 (64 bit),Windows 8
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Date Added:
July 6, 2013

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