Acronis Backup and Security 2010

Backup your important files and secure up to three home computers



If there are two essential tasks any computer owner needs to carry out, it is ensuring that their computer is secured against online threats and creating backups of valuable data. Acronis Backup and Security 2010 can be used for both of these tasks, making it possible to not only protect against viruses and other forms of malware, but also create local and online backups.

On the security front the suite offer protection against viruses, rootkits, spyware and Trojans. It also provides effective spam filtering and protection against phishing scams. Instant message sent through MSN and Yahoo instant messenger can be encrypted to help avoid the risk of private conversations being intercepted.

Parental control options are on hand to allow parents to place restrictions on when children are able to access the internet, and precisely what they are able to view online. A fully featured firewall helps to protect your computer from hackers while additional security features prevent unauthroised access to your wireless network.

The suite includes a comprehensive set of tools for backing up data. One click protection makes it possible to select the files and folders you would like to secure, and these will be automatically backed up on a schedule. The Non-stop Backup feature constantly refreshes backups so there is no need to remember to manually create a new backup to ensure that new files are secured.

Acronis Backup and Security 2010 also includes one year's access to 5GB of online storage space that can be used to create an additional remote backup of particular valuable data. Encryption can be used to protect files, and by storing backups remotely you are protected against problems such as hard drive failure or disasters such as fire or theft.

Acronis Backup and Security 2010 acknowledges the fact that many homes now have more than one computer, and the purchase price allows for installation of the software on up to three computers making this program excellent value for money.

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The great price, set-it-and-forget-it approach and simple interface make Acronis Backup and Security 2010 the ideal tool for securing and backing up your computer.

Specification: Acronis Backup and Security 2010:

Windows XP,Windows Vista (32 bit),Windows 7 (32 bit),Windows Vista (64 bit),Windows 7 (64 bit)
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Date Added:
May 14, 2010

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