Universal Media Server 7.0.0

Stream video, audio or pictures to any DLNA device



Universal Media Server is a Java-based server which can stream video, audio or pictures to any DLNA device.

Supported devices include Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3) and PlayStation 4 (PS4), Microsoft Xbox One and 360, many TVs (Samsung, Panasonic, Sony, Vizio, LG, Philips, Sharp), smart phones (iPhone, Android, etc.), Blu-ray players, and more.

The program is powered by assorted other open-source applications - FFmpeg, MEncoder, tsMuxeR, MediaInfo, OpenSubtitles - but you don't need to have any of these beforehand. Universal Media Server installs and configures them itself.

When there are setup steps to consider, they're fairly straightforward: choose the speed of your network, do you want to hide the advanced settings, and so on.

Once it's up and running, all you really need to do is set up folders you'd like to share: music, pictures, whatever.

Other systems on your network can then access them via port 9001 on your computer's IP address (just enter an address like 192.168.1.x:9001 in your web browser).

You can also discover other devices from the server and browse their media, for example the videos on an iPad.

As with anything else network-related, there's plenty of scope for problems, but fortunately you get a lot of setup and troubleshooting documentation to help figure them out.

What's new in 6.7.3 (see full changelog for more)?

Added "TV Shows", "Movies", "3D Movies", and "Unsorted" folders to the "Media Library" folder
Added right-click menu to navigation pane
Renamed "Cache" folder to "Media Library" folder and enabled it by default
Changed "Hide" options to "Show", e.g. "Hide Media Library folder" becomes "Show Media Library folder"
When a file is added/changed/removed in a shared folder, UMS detects it
Fully played tracking is stored in the SQL database
Shared folders are scanned for changes on startup (configurable)
Made folder scanning up to 10x faster
Made Media Library browsing faster
Gave folder scanning a lower priority than other UMS functions to make them work more smoothly
Fixed some bugs related to sending media metadata (org_pn) to renderers
Fixed bug where removing a directory in UMS does not remove its contents from the Media Library.
Fixed sorting in dynamic folders
Reduced lookups and bandwidth to OpenSubtitles
Fixed MusicBrainz bugs
Fixed many other bugs

Synchronized translations with Crowdin

Added Samsung 8 Series config
Updated FetchTV config
Improved support for Samsung Galaxy S7

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A powerful media server which is exceptionally easy to set up and configure.

Specification: Universal Media Server 7.0.0:

Windows 7 (32 bit),Windows 7 (64 bit),Windows 8,Windows Server,windows 10,Mac OS X,Linux
Open Source
Universal Media Server
Date Added:
March 27, 2018