TunerFree MCE 3.8.2 (for Windows Vista)

Watch TV through Windows Media Center without the need for a TV tuner 



There’s nothing new about watching TV on your PC, but not everyone has access to either a TV tuner card or stick, or a convenient aerial. And while you can watch TV through the internet, your web browser isn’t necessarily the best platform for doing so.

If you’re lucky to be running a version of Windows with Media Center built-in (that covers most Vista and Windows 7 users), you might be thinking, why can’t I watch internet-streamed TV through that instead of my clunky old web browser? You’re not alone – and the good news is that there’s the perfect program for doing just that.

TunerFree MCE is a Windows Media Center plug-in for various English-speaking countries, giving you access to free TV content from your own country. It’s set up with UK and US users in mind, but Irish, New Zealand and Australian users can make use of TunerFree MCE by installing plug-ins to add support for domestic TV channels, including ABC, TVNZ and RTE. British users get access to the main five terrestrial broadcasters’ content, while US users can access the hulu.com site.

Once installed, TunerFree MCE is accessible through Windows Media Center under the Milliesoft section. Select this, wait for it to set up and you’re ready to watch both live and catch-up TV. It’s all incredibly simple to use thanks to the point-and-click Media Center-friendly interface.

You’ll need to download and install plug-ins manually following the instructions at the plug-ins repository, but it’s a simple enough process. Remember that you can only access TV content from your own country.

This is an older version of TunerFree MCE, designed primarily for Windows Vista users. Windows 7 users should install the latest version instead.

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Simply the best way to watch internet television on your computer – but you’ll need Windows 7 or Vista with Media Center to use it. 

Specification: TunerFree MCE 3.8.2 (for Windows Vista):

Windows Vista (32 bit),Windows 7 (32 bit),Windows Vista (64 bit),Windows 7 (64 bit)
Open Source
Date Added:
January 27, 2011

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