Streamnation for iOS 2.1.1

Watch, stream, share and borrow movies, TV, video and photos


Share is a cloud sharing service with a difference. As the name implies, it’s optimised for streaming video and photo over the internet, and has a clever sharing policy whereby you can “loan out” individual video clips – including movies or TV episodes – to one person for a set period. While the episode in question is out on loan, no one else – including you – can watch it.

The idea is sound – why lend out DVDs when you can lend out individual episodes without having to physically drop them off? No one gets to download their own copy, their time to watch is limited and files can’t publicly be shared, only offered to specific users.

The service comes with 2GB free online storage, with the option of building up to 15GB free space in total. Get yourself and your mates signed up, upload your respective digital libraries – within the constraints of the space available (paid-for plans start from $4 per month for 100GB)

The iOS app lets you access and watch your own content as you’d expect. It also lets you download content to your iPad or iPhone for offline viewing, plus upload content already on your device into your cloud account. You can also manage and share your own content with others, plus borrow from your friends (again, downloading is supported, but the video will only be available for 24 hours from the moment you download it). Streamnation also supports AirPlay, allowing you to project a video from your iPad back on to the big screen.

It all works swimmingly, simplifying the task of getting media up to your Streamnation account and doing exactly what it says on the tin. One minor niggle is the lack of support for background uploading and downloading, but if you’re looking for a secure way of streaming content between yourself and your friends, Streamnation looks like a good bet.

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Easy to use, works like a charm - this app makes accessing your Streamnation media collection (or borrowing movies from friends) a pleasurable experience on the iPad and iPhone.

Specification: Streamnation for iOS 2.1.1:

Date Added:
December 9, 2013

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