Snowtape 2.0.2

Record internet radio stations on your Mac



There are various ways in which you can listen to online radio stations from around the world, but Snowtape enables you to take things further by making it possible to record broadcasts so they can be listened to at your leisure.

The application features an integrated radio station directory that can be used to track down the perfect station to suit your mood and taste, and integration with Safari and Firefox means that online stations can be automatically opened in Snowtape without the need to copy and paste URLs.

Recording radio broadcasts is a mere button press away and Snowtape will automatically split broadcasts up into individual tracks. Assuming the correct track information has been broadcast, these tracks will then be correctly labelled for importing into iTunes or another media manager.

A built in track editor is available to enable you to trim away any unwanted sections of a recording, and tracks can be quickly and easily exported to iTunes. Snowtape can stream music to Airport Express and an iPhone app is available that allows for remote recording.

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A wonderfully useful tool that almost entirely automates the process of recording online radio and adding the recorded tracks to your media collection.

Specification: Snowtape 2.0.2:

Mac OS X
Trial Software
Date Added:
October 1, 2010

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