Sequential 2.1.2

An intuitive image viewer for OS X



Sequential is an image viewer for OS X that was originally designed for viewing images from comics that needed to be displayed in order. As the name would suggest, the viewer will always display images n sequential order, so it can also be used to view images from your digital camera or those that have been downloaded from the internet.

As well as opening entire folders full of images, the program can also be used to display images that are contained within other files such as compressed zips, RARs and PDFs. The clean, uncluttered interface provides a large view of the currently selected images, while others in the sequence are displayed in a filmstrip to the left.

Navigation is possible by clicking thumbnails in the filmstrip or by pressing the cursor keys and there is support for a wide range of popular image formats. Sequential can switch to full screen mode and can also be configured to displayed Exif data.

In addition to local images, the program can also be used to view online images, with the same navigation options available for sequentially numbered images found on web sites.


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A simple image viewing app which benefits from clean lines and a strong focus on the viewing area.

Specification: Sequential 2.1.2:

Mac OS X
The Sequential Project
Date Added:
May 26, 2010

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