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If you have a large music collection stored on your hard drive, it is likely that you have your computer hooked up to a decent set of speakers if not a stereo. It is also likely that your computer is used to play back most of your music rather than relying on CDs for your aural entertainment. To save you having to constantly run to your computer to switch tracks or pause playback, install Remote for iTunes on your Android and you can remain in control anywhere in the house.

The app is very much like Apple’s Remote software, but the key difference is that this has been designed with Android devices in mind. Providing you are in range of your home wireless network and have iTunes installed and running on your computer, your mobile can be used to control music playback without the need to install additional software.

There is a strong focus on ease of setup and you should find that you are up and running in a matter of moments. Once configured, you can browse through your music collection, using artists, genres, albums and more as a means of navigation. As well as skipping between the tracks of an album you can also opt to play playlist and use options such as shuffle and repeat.

A particularly nice touch is the fact that you can use your Android’s volume control to control the volume of music playback, and you can adjust the volume of Airport speakers on an individual basis. If you have more than one computer at home, Remote for iTunes can be used to connect to more than one library so you have access to your entire music collection.

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Simple and effective, the only sticking point with Remote for iTunes is the fact that it is not free.

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August 23, 2011

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