Quisple 1.0.0

Search for and play almost any song with this simple YouTube audio player



Quisple is a small, simple and free YouTube audio player that will quickly locate and play the song of your choice. Well, usually.

The program is compact, lightweight and very easy to use. Just type a song title, maybe just an artist's name if you can't decide, press [Enter], and Quisple will search YouTube using those keywords, downloading and playing the first result.

Sometimes this doesn't quite work as you'd expect. Type "Tik Tok" as we write, for instance, and you'll get a parody of the song, not the Kesha original - the parody is higher in the search engine results right now.

And some media can only be played from YouTube's pages, so searching for those tracks will return nothing at all. You can sort-of get around this by varying your keywords - "paramore misery business" returns nothing, "paramore misery business concert" gets you a live track - but as that example proves, the sound quality may not be as good as you'd hoped.

The program is undoubtedly simple to use, though, and if you're in the mood for some background music then it's fun to enter a few of your favourite bands and see what comes up.

Just beware, once you've played a track or two then Quisple can consume a noticeable chunk of memory, 30MB or more. When you've finished with the program, close it down from the system tray to get this back.

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The search process is a little unreliable, but when it works, Quisple is a quick and easy way to find and play your favourite tunes

Specification: Quisple 1.0.0:

Windows XP,Windows Vista (32 bit),Windows 7 (32 bit),Windows Vista (64 bit),Windows 7 (64 bit)
Date Added:
July 13, 2010

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