Photogene for iPad 1.2

Edit and share digital photos using your iPad



Photo editing software is more readily associated with full blown Macs and PCs rather than mobile devices. This is something that Photogene for iPad aims to change, bringing and impressively powerful photo editing tool to the iPad.

Starting with basic editing options such as cropping and rotating, Photogene enables you to make the most of your digital photos. Additional tools such as red eye removal, special effects and colour adjustment are also available.

With multiple levels of undo, Photogene allows for great experimentation. After tinkering with colour levels and curves and making any other necessary changes, images can be finished off by adding one of many customisable frames.

Completed creations can be shared with others by uploading them to Facebook - including the ability to select specific albums - attaching them to emails or sharing via Twitter.

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A genuinely impressive image editing tool that takes full advantage of the iPad large touch screen interface.

Specification: Photogene for iPad 1.2:

Trial Software
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August 10, 2010

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