Turn images into mosaics or abstract art



Pattaizer is an interesting tool which transforms digital images into mosaics or abstract computer art.

The program 20+ algorithms to explore. Some are simple mosaics, perhaps replacing blocks of pixels with spheres, hexagons or lego bricks. Others preserve more detail, including a "Broken Glass" option which displays the image through scattered glass tiles. And a few are almost entirely abstract, replacing the source image with a range of geometric patterns.

Basic operations are straightforward: select an algorithm, click "Update mosaic" and view the results.

Every algorithm may be customised with a range of options and settings.

The finished results can be saved as JPGs, BMPs or PNGs.

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Pattaizer's finished results can range from amazing to pointless, depending on your source image and algorithm. Expect to spend a while fine-tuning your image before you get anything worthwhile.

Please note, the program's licence is a little vague. Apparently some features will disappear after a period of time, but which ones, and how long? The developer forgot to say. There are no immediate restrictions, though - no watermarks, no resolution limits - so we'd say download and try it out anyway.

Specification: Pattaizer

Windows 7 (32 bit),Windows 7 (64 bit),Windows 8,windows 10
Function Limited Demo
App Helmond
Date Added:
July 19, 2016

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