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With the option of expanding storage space through the use of memory cards in most cases, Android devices are a music lover’s dream – if you start to run out of space, you need simply buy a larger memory card to accommodate your music collection. noozy is an Android that can be used to listen not only to your own music collection, but also online radio stations as well as podcasts and watching videos.

Like Microsoft Zune, noozy has an extremely simple, mainly text-based, interface which makes it very easy to navigate through your media collection and the app’s options. The main home screen provide you with access to the various components of the app – music, videos, podcasts, live and charts. The Music and Videos section can be used to play back locally stored content, while the podcast section enables you to play podcasts that you have already downloaded as well as searching to other online.

Other online content can be accessed through the Live section which enables you to listen to a wide range of online radio stations – you can search for something specific, or browse through the various genres to find something that suits you mood. There’s also the Charts section where you can discover what other users have been listening to and listen to samples for many of tracks. If you like what you hear, you can purchase tracks or albums through the app.

To help improve sound quality, there are a number of effects that can be applied. These are most useful when your Android device is connected to decent set of speakers, but there is some benefit when using headphones as well. To some extent noozy studio is an example of style over content as it is lacking some feature that you would expect to find in a media player, but at the same time, it includes numerous extra to help balance things out.

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A seriously good-looking app that provides great sound quality and useful online options.

Specification: noozy studio

Date Added:
October 11, 2012

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