Media Feature Pack for Windows 8 N/ KN 1.0 (32-bit)

Equip your Windows 8 N/ KN editions with Windows Media Player and more



If you're using a system with an N/ KN edition of Windows 8 then you'll probably already have noticed that it's missing Media Player, and a few related technologies. And at first this may not seem like a big deal, as you can always install some other media player instead.

But, unfortunately, it may not be as simple as that.

Some software packages make the mistake of assuming that these Windows technologies are always there, and as a result, won't work properly on N or KN editions (some programs fail to install, others might crash or simply not perform particular tasks as they should).

There is an easy solution, though, and that's just to install this Media Feature Pack for Windows 8. In one step you'll add Media Player and its supporting layers to your Windows 8 installation, and hopefully any third-party media related tools and applications will then work exactly as they should.

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An easy way to restore normal media tools and technologies to Windows 8 N and KN editions

Specification: Media Feature Pack for Windows 8 N/ KN 1.0 (32-bit):

Windows 8
Date Added:
November 7, 2012

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