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These days, you don’t have to travel far on the internet to come across free music. Freemake Musicbox, first released on the Windows desktop platform, lets you to turn your iOS device into a virtual jukebox, except this one requires no coins, just a decent internet connection.

The app promises to put over 20 million tracks – including hits from well-known artists – at your fingertips for no charge. It’s a bit like Spotify only without the subscription charge, and all above board too: the app currently only indexes free legal YouTube music tracks, and promises to filter out poor quality recordings.

Start by using the search box to locate a music, artist, genre or even hashtag – by default #top100 is pre-selected, giving you access to the latest popular tunes. Tap the search box and more hashtags – genres and trending – are suggested, or you can type in your own search terms. Tap an artist to view all available tracks – ignore the album and radio tabs at this point, as they’re not currently active.

Found a track you like? Tap it and wait for the stream to begin. You can then play it from here, or switch to the Player tab where you’ll find playback controls and – if you’re lucky – an accompanying music video too. Flip your mobile on its side to view the video distraction-free.

The rest of your search results serves as your playlist - there’s shuffle and backwards/forwards control, but you'll need to start a new search to access other tracks. Future versions promise support for playlists and personalized radio stations, but for now, it's a little limited in how you browse for music. Nevertheless, with no ads or limits to your listening pleasure, Freemake Musicbox is well worth a closer look.

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Even at this early stage in its development, Freemake Musicbox offers a novel and easy way to listen to new music.

Specification: Freemake Musicbox for iPhone

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February 11, 2014

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