Boxee for iPad 1.2.1

The Boxee way to handle media on your iPad - locally, remotely and socially



If you own an iPad you probably also own a PC or a Mac. All of these devices can be used to watch a variety of media – online video on the likes of YouTube, videos shared via social networks such as Twitter, and movies you have stored on your hard drive.

Boxee for iPad can be used to stream media files you have stored on your hard drive – this can be on your PC, on your Mac or on a network drive- directly to your iPad. This eliminates the need to copy the files to your iPad using iTunes as well as the need to perform any form of file conversion. The speed and ease with which videos can be shared and streamed is genuinely impressive, and the accompanying Boxee Media Manager desktop software is very simple to set up.

While this is certainly the main and most exciting feature of Boxee for iPad, there is also more on offer. The app can also be used to keep up to date with the videos that have been shared by your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr, and you can opt to share the videos you have enjoyed with others in much the same way.

If you have installed the Boxee bookmarklet in your web browser, you can use Boxee for iPad to amass a collection of online videos you would like to watch at some point in the future. Add to all of this the ability to stream videos from your iPad to your Boxee Box that you have connected to you TV, and you have everything you need to transform your iPad into a truly impressive media machine.

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There is simply no question as to whether iPad owners should install this app – if you enjoy video in any form, this deserves to be download instantly

Specification: Boxee for iPad 1.2.1:

Date Added:
June 22, 2012

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