Trouble-spot analytics keep it genteel on Hampstead Heath

The City of London is to use analytic software to improve reporting of anti-social behaviour and crime on Hampstead Heath.


The City of London is to use analytic software to improve reporting of antisocial behaviour and crime on Hampstead Heath.

The famous and heavily used London open space is monitored by the City of London’s heath constabulary, whose officers have some police powers.

The constabulary will use software from Civica to log and analyse more than 1,500 antisocial incidents, robberies and environmental offences a year on Hampstead Heath and neighbouring open spaces.

Civica’s Authority Public Protection package provides reporting that will support the constabulary and the many partner agencies that shape the park’s management policy, including the London Borough of Camden and the Metropolitan Police.

Constabulary teams will add incident reports to the system from desktop computers at neighbourhood offices. The software can incorporate Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping capabilities to pinpoint where incidents have occurred.

Richard Gentry, constabulary and support manager for the City of London, said: “Our constables deal with incidents ranging from lost children and damaged fences to theft and indecency, so we wanted to improve the accuracy of our reporting and reduce the time spent doing it.

“Civica’s antisocial behaviour analytical capabilities will enable us to identify where hotspots of particular incidents are occurring. We will be able to join forces with our partner agencies to quickly deal with them.”

The system would also allow the constabulary to be more accountable, he added. “The system will be able to provide management groups with more accurate key information on our operations and the resources and support we need than ever before.”

It would be possible in future to agree performance indicators for the management and policing of Hampstead Heath, based on recorded data from the new system, Gentry said.

The system includes communication functions and has the capacity to allow constables to make on the spot reports to the database from mobile devices in future.

Similar software from Civica is already used by park police in Newham, east London, and in the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham.

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