SnapLogic offers integration tool for Hadoop distributed computing platform

SnapReduce works with Hadoop to enable scalable integration for cloud and on-premise applications.


Looking to better enable enterprises to leverage big data, SnapLogic is unveiling on SnapReduce, software intended to make it easier to use the Hadoop distributed computing platform that has become popular for helping to analyze large volumes of data.

SnapReduce uses a drag-and-drop interface to specify integrations for Hadoop either on-premise or in a cloud and make Hadoop easier to use, said SnapLogic CEO Gaurav Dillon. "The power of Hadoop has been bottled up," because it is has been hard to work with, he noted. The product offers a unified view of the Hadoop Distributed File System and Hadoop's MapReduce runtime system, as well as the processing of data by Hadoop. Companies can connect enterprise applications and cloud services with Hadoop.

The technology leverages SnapLogic's HDFS Snap technology for getting data in and out of Hadoop. SnapReduce works with existing applications and tools that process data within Hadoop, such as Pig, Hive and Flume, enabling the product to leverage existing Hadoop workflows and computation. SnapReduce, the company said, links Hadoop's performance with connections provided by SnapLogic's REST-based platform, called Snaps, to enable scalable integration for cloud and on-premise applications.

The company will introduce an early version of SnapReduce on Monday, with general availability set for the second half of this year. Pricing details are not yet available. The technology was the result of research and development begun in SnapLabs, the company's research organisation, in 2009.

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