Hitachi launches Vantara brand to help customers leverage their data

Hitachi has launched a new big data company called Vantara, to help customers with their digital transformation efforts


Hitachi has unveiled a new subsidiary brand called Vantara, aimed at helping customers make the most of their data.

Vantara is essentially a reorganisation within Hitachi, with the company blending together three business units: the data centre specialist Hitachi Data Systems, BI and analytics brand Pentaho and the big data unit Hitachi Insight Group.

© Hitachi
© Hitachi

“We are combining those together to really combine all the capabilities we have around data and its capabilities. Our infrastructure capabilities are what help drive customer capabilities,” said Brian Householder, who is now COO and president of Hitachi Vantara.

The 50 year old Japanese IT company is looking to bring together analytics, content, cloud and infrastructure services to help its customers with their digital transformation projects.

“Hitachi has been helping customers harness the power of their data to support meaningful business action for years," President and CEO of Hitachi, Toshiaki Higashihara said at during this year’s HitachiNEXT conference in Las Vegas.

“Now as the world is being transformed by digital tools and processes, we are unifying our strongest digital solutions companies together as a new Hitachi company that delivers exponential business impact for our customers and the betterment of society.”

What is Hitachi Vantara?

Hitachi Vantara

The new unit is a wholly owned subsidiary that will be run separate from Hitachi in California. Householder described it as: “An organisation that is completely focused on driving edge to customers. Data is at the centre of all you do and is the key to your transformation,” he said.

Vantara promises customers “outcomes-as-a-service" through end-to-end solutions encompassing data management and advanced analytics, all underpinned by the cloud.

Ryuichi Otsuki, Hitachi Vantara CEO said: “No other company brings together more than a century of operational technology expertise with information technology trusted in the world’s most demanding enterprise environments Hitachi Vantara sees data as an opportunity - a path to outcomes that matter.”

What comes NEXT?

Also, during the first NEXT keynote, Hitachi announced the launch of some initial solutions to help customers get the most from their data, including expanded support for DevOps and containers.

This includes a new partnership with VMware vRealise Automation, allowing Ventara customers a selection of expanded services for hybrid cloud deployments.

The company also launched a Smart Data Center service to help customers manage data centres and infrastructure using sensors and analytics.

Hitachi Vantara will also incorporate the Internet of Things (IoT) platform, called Lumada IoT, which recently got its 2.0 release.

Lumada has been dubbed 'a portable architecture', which can be run both on premises and in the cloud in order to support industrial IoT deployments.

Naturally, Hitachi also spoke about enterprise level AI and machine learning technologies, as a way for customers to solve problems before they occur.

All of these moves vault Vantara into competition with IT service providers like HPE and DellEMC, as well as industrial IoT and data companies like GE Digital and SAP's Leonardo brand.

Overall, Hitachi and its new brand Vantara appears to be focused on the importance of partnerships and customer interaction as it looks to launch more tools to deliver advanced data services to help customers leverage data and innovation as core business enablers.

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