Eurotunnel deploys improved business intelligence

Eurotunnel Le Shuttle has deployed a new business intelligence system to glean improved information from its customers.


Eurotunnel Le Shuttle has deployed a new business intelligence system to glean improved information from its customers.

The company said the QlikView Business Discovery platform, a replacement for cumbersome Excel spreadsheets, will help it "better understand data and improve the customer experience" on its passenger shuttles.

The new system's in-memory search functionality helps Eurotunnel Le Shuttle analyse data from across the business, whether sales information, the impact of marketing campaigns, social media mentions, business planning or managing call centre resources.

QlikView is being used by the sales team to help Eurotunnel Le Shuttle to understand its customers better, their purchasing methods and patterns, geographical location and the impact of marketing campaigns. It is also used to assess business demand to plan capacity at the most effective times, including allocating additional shuttles to manage demand.

Measuring business performance against budget and targets on a daily, weekly and monthly basis is "now a simple routine", said the company. Additionally, the ability to link data easily has improved fraud detection by linking data across millions of bookings to identify potential risks.

As QlikView also incorporates information from social media platforms, the marketing team can analyse how they are being mentioned online in order to get an idea of customer sentiment. They can then quickly take on board what’s being said and prioritise service improvements.

Paul Lymath, strategic planning and analysis manager at Eurotunnel, said: “We needed a business dashboard and analysis tool that could give all members of staff access to the same data at the same time. Our previous system was slow and inefficient, with different staff members and different teams working off different versions.”

Lymath added: "We used to spend 75 percent of our time collecting data and only 25 percent of the time analysing it. It’s now the other way around."

In other business intelligence news, it was reported this week that the newly updated version of the open source Jaspersoft business intelligence suite, offers end users more controls on how they can format reports and dashboards, including the ability to filter results and remove unnecessary columns.

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