Big data hub for oil and gas sector opens in Scotland

Aberdeen’s Robert Gordon University (RGU) Has opened a big data hub to analyse oil and gas production information.


Aberdeen’s Robert Gordon University (RGU) Has opened a big data hub to analyse oil and gas production information.

The centre will use big data analysis and smart technology research, giving oil and gas manufacturers a means to increase speed of oil discovery and extraction and enhance production.

Within the RGU's facility, which opened this morning, a core team of 10 research staff will also work on improving asset maintenance and reliability, reduce health and safety risks, costs and threats to the environment.

It is hoped that the investment will put Aberdeen - often described as the energy capital of Europe - at the forefront of emerging technologies for the industry, which may become crucial depending on the upcoming referendum results to see if Scotland will become independent or not.

Scotland's oil and gas have been a pivotal throughout the campaign. This morning the Scottish Herald reported that Professor Alex Kemp, director of Aberdeen Centre for Research in Energy Economics and Finance, had found that "Scotland's oil and gas industry will make a significant contribution well beyond 2050".

The Scotland-based facility brings academic and industry leads together to coordinate the research but has not confirmed which oil and gas giants have signed up.

Professor Ferdinand von Prondzynski, principal of RGU, said: “As the enormous potential of data analytics is increasingly recognised by industry and by government, RGU intends to play a leadership role in securing the benefits for the oil and gas industry. This will enhance the standing of the university, but will also support Scotland's plans for economic growth and success.”

Professor Ian Allison, head of the School of Computing Science and Digital Media, said: “Computer science at RGU has an excellent track record of delivering research and development with our commercial partners. The investment RGU is making in this centre will support our ambition for the city of Aberdeen to be a global leader in the exploitation of smart data technologies for oil and gas.”

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