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We have got a new prime minister but will it make a difference to the government's IT procurement practice? Gordon Brown, having footed the bill for past failures and with plans for IT-driven productivity rises to fund his programme in office, will be hoping so.


Project failure takes its toll elsewhere too, as a survey by the Economist Intelligence unit shows, while some SAP customers have shown how much success project delivery can add to an organisation's bottom line.

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Cadbury admits IT problems taking chunk out of performance

IT consolidation project still causing pain as de-merger approaches

Late IT projects equal lower profits Half of IT projects still fail to deliver intended objectives

Error during IT testing grounded United Airlines Company planning to restore schedule to normal

Readers' choice

Nearly nine out of 10 business intelligence projects fail to meet goals More guidance needed for users, NCC advises

Police seize 'virus writer' after 115,000 phones infected Over 20 variants of worms attack via Bluetooth

Dell lets users reject unwanted pre-installed software Move follows user complaints

TNT and NATS win with SAP Quality awards reveal no silver bullet for project success, just old fashioned rigour

UK software pirate jailed in the US Leader of underground piracy network gets 51 months

Digging deeper: Gordon Brown's challenge

Doctors debate withdrawal of co-operation from NHS computer project Concerns centre on electronic care record and Choose and book system

Brown delays procurement for ID card and passport projects 'Not quite ready yet' for controversial £5.4bn project

Microsoft security spotlight

Microsoft: We patch faster than Apple, Novell and Red Hat Claims based on counting 'days of risk'

Microsoft patches Windows XP better than Vista
Company claims Vista suffers fewer bugs

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Windows Vista still ignored by business says Forrester Microsoft leave Office 2007 vulnerable after Patch Tuesday