Tesco offloads web traffic into the cloud

Tesco is using cloud technology to support a Clubcard voucher campaign.


Tesco is using cloud technology to support a Clubcard voucher campaign.

The supermarket is using Akamai Dynamic Site Accelerator services to support the company’s 2010 Clubcard Bonanza, which will see millions of pounds of customers' Tesco Clubcard vouchers doubled-up through an online promotion.

When setting-up the campaign, Tesco was aware that issuing the vouchers was likely to generate high levels of traffic to its origin website, which could present problems.  
The team responsible for the website felt additional capacity would be needed to cover the campaign period and avoid the risk of any outages, as well as maintain the performance of the overall website.  

Having looked at ISPs and "discovering that they couldn’t support the kind of bandwidth Tesco demanded", the company took a different approach.

The aim was to "take the load from our infrastructure and provide the support we needed, no matter how much traffic visited our website”, said Ed Camp, head of server and storage at Tesco.com.

Camp said it took just eight hours for the Akamai services to be put in place. The campaign is still running and peak traffic has so far reached 120Mb/s, with Akamai’s Dynamic Site Accelerator services in the cloud offloading 90 percent of this from Tesco's servers.

Tesco Bank recently signed a managed datacentre and telephony deal with Cable & Wireless to help support 6.5 million customers.

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