Public cloud storage shunned by big business, survey finds

A survey finds that few large corporations are adopting public cloud storage, even for their lowest tier of data.


Only 10% of large corporations are considering the public cloud as a place to store even their lowest tier of data for archive purposes, according to a survey by TheInfoPro, a market research firm.

The survey of 247 Fortune 1000 corporations was released last month. Asked about storage as a service, 87% of the respondents indicated that they had no plans to use the public cloud, 10% said that they would use it and 3% indicated that they weren't sure.

Large corporations are worried about turning their data over to an external service, they're also concerned about performance, said Marco Coulter, an analyst at TheInfoPro. "We're seeing infrastructure in the cloud. We're seeing applications in the cloud, email in the cloud, HR and CRM in the cloud, but [storage] is the piece that doesn't make sense for them," he said.

Coulter added that, given the survey results, it isn't surprising that cloud storage vendors such as Iron Mountain, Cirtas and EMC have recently pulled back from the market.

Private cloud adoption was a different story, however, with most respondents saying they face virtually no obstacles or challenges when it comes to deploying private clouds. The survey also showed that automated data tiering is one of today's hottest storage initiatives.

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