BT chooses CA to power new Assure Cloud Identity service

Pushes ability to get enterprises up and running quickly


BT is to integrate CA’s Secure Cloud identity and access management (IAM) technology into its new managed identity service, BT Assure Cloud Identity, the firms have announced.

With the service being hosted in UK datacentres, the deal is affirmation for long-time partner CA which becomes the IAM ‘front door’ for BT’s expanding cloud business, including on-premise, cloud and hybrid deployments.

According to BT’s head of managed platforms, Martin Barnes, identity has become the new perimeter. The firm was pitching Assure Cloud Identity at multinationals such as banks gas, mining, manufacturing and government.

“What we’re seeing with some accounts an appetite in cloud-based applications and for identity to bring that about.”

Enterprises wanted to use cloud services identity services to re-engineer application infrastructure to support Salesforce and Office365. Offering this as a service also allowed them to treat the investment as operational rather than capital expenditure.

Another advantage was the ability to choose the two-factor authentication method deployed to end users.

“Enterprises are like brownfield sites and investments they’ve made in the past that don’t necessarily string together,” said Barnes.  “We will offer them the ability to get up and running very quickly”

Previously, BT had sold identity management on a one-off basis, he said.

For now, BT is offering BT Cloud Identity in the UK but will roll it out across Europe in due course, the firm said. Enterprises can try out the service on a trial basis.

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