What a week: Top stories you may have missed

Catch up with the key events affecting IT managers this week


Novell rejects Microsoft's Linux patent claims

Suse Linux champion defends open source despite its Microsoft deal

Apple says Greenpeace puts 'too much weight on glorified principles'

Look at environmental practice not promises says Steve Jobs

Barclays to cut 1,100 jobs in restructuring and automation move

Job losses 'not related' to ABN Amro takeover bid

HSBC says no to handheld devices for personal online banking customers

Bank will focus on detection and monitoring to prevent fraud

ID card scheme costs rise by £400m

Home Office's updated business case shows more staff needed to deliver project

Dell 'defrauded' PC buyers, claim US authorities

Charges strike directly at 'improved' marketing image

Sainsbury's IT insourcing produces targeted savings as profits rise

Major expansion of online service planned

Anyone seen my laptop?

A full roundup of the security breach stories that make you despair

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