UK employees call time on jargon

Investors in People marks its 15th anniversary with survey calling for managers to ditch needless management-speak.


IIP director Clark said: “Cutting jargon out of everyday communication is clearly a challenge, with almost half (48%) of employees that use jargon admitting to using it without thinking. However, as our research shows, if used inappropriately, jargon can be an obstacle to understanding, which ultimately can impact on an individual’s performance and an organisation’s productivity.

“Bosses need to lead by example, ditch needless jargon, and concentrate on communicating clearly with their employees.”

Other results from the survey include the statistic that employees are more likely to experience jargon in larger organisations than smaller ones, with 65% of people in organisations with 5,000 or more employees say it is used where they work.

The IIP lists some examples of common management jargon:
  • ‘Blue-sky thinking’
  • ‘Singing from the same hymn sheet’
  • ‘Heads up’
  • ‘Think outside the box’
  • ‘The helicopter view’
  • ‘Get our ducks in a row’
  • ‘Joined up thinking’
  • ‘On the runway’
  • ‘Brain dump’

Investors in People have produced a jargon bingo card which you can download.

YouGov interviewed a nationally representative quota sample of over 2,900 working adults throughout UK & Ireland between September 29th-October 3rd 2006.

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