IT contractors more bullish about work prospects

Business confidence among IT contractors is up.


Business confidence among IT contractors is up.

According to employment company giant group, compared to figures over the last two years, the length between assignments for temporary IT workers is reducing.

The large majority (82 percent) said they were waiting less than 31 days between assignments. And those waiting 90 days and above has halved since 2011.

On top of this over half of respondents are expecting job opportunities in IT to grow over the coming year, and a further 64 percent predict their earnings will increase.

The survey also suggests that the top sectors for IT contracting opportunities over the next 12 months will be support services (26 percent), financial services (19 percent), public sector (14 percent) and engineering and construction (12 percent).

Matthew Brown, managing director of giant, said: “It’s clear that organisations are continuing to recognise the value these experts can bring to businesses. And are expecting to not only utilise this resource over the next year, but also potentially allocate more budget to these specialists.”

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