Business Analysis 2009: Delivering value and change

Keynote speakers at the Business Analysis Conference 2009 in London on 28-30 Septemb preview their presentations to the UK's first major BA conference.


The business analysis profession has evolved significantly over the last couple of years in the UK. The contribution made by business analysts is increasingly recognised at all levels of the organisation. has teamed up UK arms of the International Institute of Business Analysis to support the Business Analysis Conference 2009 in London on 28-30 September. Here, some of the keynote speakers preview their contributions.

Leadership mastery for business analysts

Leadership guru David Taylor explains that business analysts have a pioneering role to play in organisational transformation in tough economic times. To operate to maximum effect they must understand leadership.

Business analysis and X-Ray listening

The business tells you what it thinks it wants, but are they explaining their real requirements? Here is how to get under the customers skin and really find out what they need from new systems.

Planning for change: How to win your audience If you want to lead change in an organisation - whether you are gathering requirements or persuading sceptical end users to adopt a new system - these are some of the golden rules.

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