Bolton hands out free iPods to school students

Every pupil at a Bolton school is to be given an iPod as part of a wider technological drive costing £250,000.


Every pupil, more than 1,000, at a Bolton school are to be given an iPod as part of a wider technological drive costing £250,000.

According to The Bolton News website, pupils will each receive a 8GB iPod touch, costing £149, which offers access to the Internet over Wi-Fi and the ability to download, hopefully educational themed, applications and podcasts. Some pupils have already received iPods.

Apple offers iTunes U, part of the iTunes Store, which features free lectures, language lessons , audiobooks and more.

Headteacher Showk Badat told the newspaper the addition of iPods would help "secure outstanding GCSE results," and the school recently celebrated its best GCSE results ever.

"They will do this by accessing the best possible learning resources the world has on offer at their fingertips when they need it," Mr Badat said.

"We understand the possible risks involved in taking such a bold step and, as precautionary measure, secure firewalls are in place to prevent access to inappropriate materials."

"We believe that parents need to play their part in making sure our children stay safe and they must be present with their child to receive the iPod touch during the launch."

"The iPod touch will bring equality. Every child no matter what their background will have access to life changing resources. We believe that all can have success. To do this we need to provide everybody with the best resources possible and through this, standards will rise."

Hafash Hassan and Adil Bhutawala at the Essa Academy (Via This Is Lancashire).

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