What a week: Top stories you may have missed

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Barclays compliance system failures ‘the tip of industry iceberg’

Dirty marketing tricks

Oracle ad finally reveals plans for Sun

Why ERP is still so hard

How to make yourself unemployment proof

Reader's choice

T-Mobile and Orange set for UK merger

How to Make Cloud Computing Vanish into Thin Air

Red Hat defends subscription licence for Linux

IT jobs market remains grim warn recruiters

Twitter to add money making features

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Hart of outsourcing:
Outsourcing and carbon reduction - it's not simple

IT governance:
Compliance for outsourcing

Open enterprise:
Attack of the Patent Proxies

Forrester blog:
Agile is dead, long live Agile

SI Insights
Affordable business intelligence

Digging Deeper: Business briefing

Proctor and Gamble get spectacular ROI on collaboration tools

Lehman Brothers, one year on

Magners saves ‘hundreds of thousands’ through EDI

Microsoft gets out the chequebook for open source

Microsoft rivals buy 22 patents to defend Linux

Digging Deeper: Security spotlight

Missing Microsoft Windows updates raises security concerns

Mozilla fixes Firefox flaws, introduces Flash-checking security

Cisco patches TCP denial of service bug

How to protect your brand from domain name abuse

Microsoft skips Windows 2000 update

Digging Deeper: Applications update

On demand ERP is guaranteed success, says SAP exec

Salesforce.com pushing cloud for on demand CRM

LG system allows 11 users to share one PC

Why CIOs are taking a new look at shared services

Gesture control will 'shake up' mobile user interfaces

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What a week: top stories you may have missed What a week: top stories you may have missed