What a week: top stories you may have missed

Major stories from ComputerworldUK this week.


Editor's Highlights

Gmail back after two-hour outage

UK Government 'levels playing field' for open source procurement

Facing Microsoft licensing decisions?

NASA hacker Gary McKinnon a step closer to extradition

Twitter tips: Using Twitter for job hunting

Reader's choice

Adobe Flash gets patch for critical flaw

HP could face backlash over pay cut plan

Open Source? Labour's Working on It

Microsoft tells redundant staff to return severance pay

Update: Attackers targeting unpatched vulnerability in Excel 2007

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Of commerce and the credit crunch

The shared services debate

Gary McKinnon and the minister who ran away

Eco-efficient datacentres: only for the big boys?

Microsoft's Patent Cunning

Digging Deeper: Security

Jack Straw's email hacked by fraudsters

Web site hackers driven by politics as well as gain

Understanding storage security through the data lifecycle

Blackberry and iPhone are targets in $10,000 hacking contest

How to deal with the open source security challenge

Digging Deeper: Management

The most dangerous cities for offshore outsourcing

Gartner: Business process management beats cost reduction in CIO priorities

Drinks giant begins global SAP roll out

Google backs EU's anti-trust battle against Microsoft

Police £7m e-crime unit prepares for war on online criminals

Digging Deeper: Technology

Microsoft prepares low-cost Windows Server OS

Microsoft tries out netbook chips in datacentres

VMworld: Desktops will move to the cloud

Oracle prepares broad-based social-networking suite

Ingres, Alfresco launch open source SharePoint rival

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