What a week: top stories you may have missed

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NHS 'can’t go on and on' with IT rollout problems

Chinese experts mistakenly released unpatched IE7 exploit

Virtual server sprawl will destroy cost savings says Boeing

Outsourcing ‘will change’ after £709m BSkyB-EDS court verdict

Government spends less on policing cybercrime than on MoD parties

Reader's choice

Dell triples charge to downgrade PCs to XP

FBI hires former Lehman Brothers IT exec to be its CIO

Royal Mail to deliver SAP human resources platform

Don't lose your life if you lose your smartphone at the Christmas bash

Citrix extends desktop virtualisation to iPhone

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Hart of Outsourcing

New locations emerging out of a downturn

Forrester Blog

Will there ever again be anything fundamentally new in telecoms

Green Monk

What is your company's Sustainability Communications Program like?

Open Enterprise

Is this Google's ActiveX Disaster?

Hearts and Minds

Open source heresy, Splashtop and Windows

Digging Deeper: Management briefing

Butler Group: IT risk management is a corporate issue

Abbey IT upgrade locks out business customers

Are you ready for the challenge of 2009?

HMRC IT fails to detect £2bn cash-in-hand tax evasion every year

Recession will drive disruptive tech in 2009 says IDC

Digging Deeper: Security spotlight

UK councils ‘not sure’ if they have encrypted laptop data

Analysts: Timing of Microsoft bug after patch was ‘not coincidental’

No smiling allowed for US state’s facial recognition

Malware-hosting web pages triple in 2008

Soca will spend up to half a billion pounds on IT overhaul

Digging Deeper: Technology update

Five reasons why skipping Windows Vista could backfire

Top 3 Trends Affecting Enterprise Risk Management

Microsoft releases open source content management

Intel promises faster communication with silicon enhancements

Southwark Borough council rolls out two-factor authentication

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What a week: Top stories you may have missed What a week: Top stories you may have missed