What a week: top stories you may have missed

You have heard of 'death by chocolate' and 'death by cop'. To those you could soon add 'death by data'.


That seems to be the government's intent if its plan to build a database to hold all our phone calls and emails goes ahead.

Of course, it could be a job creation programme for IT professionals facing tough economic times. For these stories and the rest of news, read on.

Editor's Highlights

Govt plans huge database of emails and phone calls

Gartner: 90% of virtual worlds projects fail

Users report more trouble with Windows XP SP3

SAS fined £13m for accessing rival's systems

CIOs look beyond Web 2.0

Reader's choice

SAPPHIRE: SAP users want pricing transparency

Citi to eliminate £1.5bn of IT costs in overhaul

Danish vote on OOXML standard disputed by committee member

BlackBerry-based server admin tool updated

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Digging Deeper Security

Royal Bank of Scotland fixes data-stealing flaw

Mass SQL injection attack targets Chinese Web sites

E-crime unit gets Home Office rubber stamp

Phishing super-gang arrested

Mobile security races up CIOs' agenda

Digging Deeper Careers

PM: Technology will make UK ‘the innovation nation’

Thomson Reuters to cut 650 IT and content jobs

Digging Deeper Microsoft - Yahoo

Microsoft pushes break-up strategy for Yahoo

Yahoo tells Icahn it will make its own decisions

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What a week: top stories you may have missed What a week: top stories you may have missed