What a week: top stories you may have missed

First, bookie William Hill built an in-house IT system, only to write it off, taking a £25m hit on the balance sheet and buying in the same platform as its rivals. Next, confidential Home Office data appeared on a laptop bought from eBay.


All this and Microsoft's much delayed Windows Server 2008 launch, another record fine from the European Commission and CEO Steve Ballmer announcing the company was going open source (almost). It has been a busy seven days...

Editor's highlights

Confidential Home Office disc sold on eBay in laptop

Investigation launched following another data breach

William Hill makes bad bet on in-house platform

Goes for generic platform after losing millions

In depth: Windows Server 2008 launch

Everything you need to know the new enterprise server

Ryanair's new systems struggle with demand

Airline has 'teething problems' after going offline for update

HSBC says 'We caused Maestro system fault'

Embarrassing error by bank that boasts of its IT capability

Readers' choice

EU fines Microsoft another £680m for anti-trust abuse

Latest fine brings tally to more than £1.2 billion

How to keep virtual test environments in check

Virtual test environments can run amok

Microsoft's new age of openness: roundup

Does it really change the world?

Adobe opens up (a bit)

Questions remain about commitment

Debate on OOXML standard continues behind closed doors

1,100 issues to work through

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Digging deeper: VMware Europe

VMware gets serious about the desktop

Server giants to embed VMware in x86

VMware tightens up virtual machine security

VMware beefs up mangement tools

Digging deeper: Security

There but for the grace of God...

Government told to tighten security on child database

Virtual servers 'pose security risk'

Warning: Hard drive encryption may not be safe

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What a week: top stories you may have missed What a week: Top stories you may have missed