What a week: top stories you may have missed

Red faces at Ryanair. The airline is to close its online reservation system for three days to complete an upgrade as it seeks to comply with an order from the Office of Fair Trading.


Meanwhile, Mobile World Congress 2008 saw Google Android prototype phones on display, and Yahoo announcing a new search aggregation tool that will blend social networking sites and emails to reveal the location, activities and even the mood of friends and colleagues.

Editor's highlights

Ryanair systems upgrade will halt bookings

OFT compliance push forces airline to act

Survey shows up 'document mayhem' in the UK

IT compliance stronger in public sector, despite HMRC

Forgotten IT chores may have led to SocGen meltdown

IT compliance stronger in public sector, despite HMRC

BP warning to staff on e-chat 'could ease IT burden' - analyst

Analyst says risk management lies behind oil giant's advice

Royal Mail plans mobile working for 130,000

Multiple contracts up for grabs under framework agreement

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Reader's choice

Microsoft: Critical patch goes missing

Busy day for IT departments but key fix goes AWOL

Boots remedies till fraud with data mining

Real-time alerts warn store managers

Punitive licensing 'is undermining server virtualisation'

Analysts reveal vendor practices that penalise virtualisation

New Google Apps are designed to bypass the IT department

Team Edition targets end user with collaboration tools

Fat Face hungry for Web 2.0 friends

Retail chain looks to social networking to boost brand loyalty

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Open source hearts and minds: First impressions count most with open source

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Digging deeper: Mobile World Congress 2008

First Android phones on display

Yahoo develops mobile aggregation software

Symbian shrugs off iPhone and Android

Mobile World Congress 2008 roundup

Digging deeper: Open source

Specsavers opts for open source to control systems access

Can Mozilla be made more secure?

Open Enterprise interview: Javier Soltero

Red Hat, Ubuntu are open source winners

Digging deeper: Vista and XP

Microsoft may delay demise of Windows XP

Vista SP1 delay unlikely to hurt corporate uptake

New version of Windows XP SP3 launched

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What a week: top stories you may have missed What a week: top stories you may have missed