Travel apps developers urged to join new industry app store

Travel applications developers are being encouraged to join a new, B2B application store dedicated to the travel industry.


Travel applications developers are being urged to join a new, B2B application store dedicated to the travel industry.

Built by Sabre Travel Network, a technology company serving travel agencies and suppliers, the Sabre Red App Centre will connect travel buyers, including travel agencies, travel management companies and tour operators, with third-party app providers.

The Red App Centre will provide current Sabre-authorised developers a marketplace to promote and sell their certified apps, while also providing a platform to attract new developers to the industry, said Sabre.

Red Apps will integrate into the Sabre agent platform already used by more than 155,000 travel professionals to shop, book and manage business and leisure travel.

Chris Kroeger, senior vice president of marketing for Sabre Travel Network, said: “The new marketplace will provide a new revenue stream for developers, enabling them to grow their businesses, while providing creative and original applications for travel buyers.”

Kroeger said apps could range from simple utility apps that automate agency tasks and improve their efficiency, to apps that proactively manage travel reservations by sending travel notifications and destination tips to travellers. Apps that integrate with social media were also expected, he said.

Certified app providers will have access to the Sabre Red Centre, which includes all the tools and information needed to build Red Apps, including the Sabre Red App Developer Toolkit, reference implementations and access to an online developer-collaboration community.

The B2B apps store is expected to be open for business next month and there will be a developer challenge launched in the fourth quarter to find the best apps for the travel industry.

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