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It's never quiet in the world of Linux. The row over whether the open source operating system breaches Microsoft's patents rumbles on, yet the software giant continues to woo distributors in the hope of repeating its tie-up with Microsoft.

Meanwhile, new organisations make the leap and migrate to Linux. You can read ComputerworldUK's latest Linux news and features here.

Linux vendor Mandriva rejects Microsoft deal Another distributor lines up with Ubuntu

Microsoft's Linux patent threats dismissed as baseless The Linux Foundation Summit isn't scared

Specsaver migrates to open source with Red Hat Retailer automates updates with management technology

Red Hat Linux gets government security approval Open source OS is just as good as Trusted Solaris

Microsoft pursues Red Hat Linux deal Pressure mounts for more indemnification deals

Linux helps Oracle databases stay ahead of IBM Microsoft comes in third, Gartner reports

Novell issues Suse Linux service pack Quad-core support included in raft of other features

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