Flexephone: a unique mobile telecoms solution

Flexephone eliminates mobile hardware costs and reduces call charges with a single handset solution for business and personal use!


Over the last eight years, companies in all industry sectors have been mobilising larger parts of their workforce with BYOD (bring your own device), CYOD (choose your own device) and COPE (corporate-owned personally-enabled) initiatives. However, none of these fully address business telecoms use without incurring significant costs and for many the inflexibility of having to carry two handsets.

Flexephone, the next generation of mobile phone CYOD

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Flexephone, a new and unique solution from Intelligent Rewards, removes handset costs and dramatically lowers mobile and telecoms costs through the use of a single handset for business and personal use.

Studies have found that over 14 million people in the UK use both a personal and company handset, but given a choice, employees don’t want to carry two handsets. What’s more, £5.5 billion is being spent each year on unnecessary handsets, with the average cost of each handset to companies standing at £32 a month. 

Up until now, an employee could use their own handset or buy one chosen by the company. But the problem with this model is they must insert the business SIM into the handset and still carry a second one for personal calls. Alternatively, the employee is required to go through their bills and depending on the company policy, claim back either business or personal calls which can waste valuable work time and causes extra administration for the company.

However, Flexephone is an innovative next generation CYOD solution that enables companies to remove handset and associated costs complexity. It allows employees to choose a new handset via a tax-efficient platform, or use their existing handset to access both their personal and business mobile phone contracts.

The company developed its proposition over the last 5 years working with companies of all sizes on BYOD, CYOD and COPE initiatives. It also looked in depth at the associated problems of these models, in conversations with IBM, Apple and Intel. Flexephone was developed to retain the best parts of existing deployment models, and uniquely addresses both the handset and telecoms service provision.

Flexephone’s company and employee advantages

The major advantage of Flexephone is that employees need only a single handset, which automatically separates their business and personal usage and billing via the Flexephone app.

Employees can benefit from using the Flexephone platform to choose the latest handsets on which they can save up to 50% off the equivalent high street package prices. But, whether they use a handset from the Flexephone platform or their existing personal mobile the Flexephone app will allow them to keep their personal contract of choice, keep their personal number private, with the bill for business calls being sent directly to the company.

As for the company, Flexephone is a managed and integrated solution that addresses costs, administration, billing, tax efficiencies and choice. It removes the cost of hardware as employees use their existing handset or select a new handset from the Flexephone platform. Meanwhile, it reduces the mobile/telecoms costs for the company, including international calls.

Furthermore, the Flexephone platform saves employer NIC, while VAT can be recovered, if VAT registered. There’s no cost to the company to launch and manage Flexephone, which is also branded in the colours and company logo. Additionally, because Flexephone is a fully insured service it also removes the cost of handset insurance for the company.

In terms of administration, this is a fully managed service; with no administration for the employee and employer bill splitting; there’s remote management for deleting the Flexephone App when an employee leaves the company; with helpdesk, available to employees.

Finally, Flexephone helps organisations achieve significant savings for their telecoms budget while allowing the latest handset technology into the company, and at no cost. Tony Gregory, Co-Founder and Director of Intelligent Rewards, says: “Flexephone is a unique end-to-end telecoms solution that removes the cost of the hardware and helps reduce overall telecom costs to the company. Flexephone is the next generation of telecoms CYOD, allowing employees to carry one handset and automatically separate their business and personal activities.”

As smartphone costs continue to rise, access to the latest technology has become cost-prohibitive for many budget holders. Meanwhile, employees no longer want to carry and manage two mobile handsets with the inconvenience of having to keep personal and business usage separate. The good news is that Flexephone’s end-to-end solution gives employees a choice, savings, flexibility and user satisfaction. Flexephone returns tremendous savings for the company that can be reinvested into telecom innovation projects to drive business efficiencies, rather than being eaten up by ever increasing costs.

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